About Us

CHARLES FLETCHER, Physician Assistant

Charlie started his medical career as a Navy Corpsman in 1970. He has worked in Orthopedics, Emergency and Family Practice Medicine. Charlie practiced at Galichia Medical Group before joining the team of Zepick Cardiology in 2018 and is one the key individuals responsible for the start-up of I HEART WEIGHTLOSS.

He serves the Wichita community as a member of the Airport Advisory Board. His interests include flying, golfing, and spending time with his beautiful family.

Charlie’s own journey of weight loss started several years ago. Through dedication he was able to lose over 100 pounds. He knows where and what the struggles are, first hand. There is no one that wants his patients to succeed more than he does, because he’s done it and knows it is possible.

Practice Focus:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Internal Medicine
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Management

Charlie will be a part of the patients experience when entering the program until they have reached their goal. His expertise is key in the success of the patients’ weight loss journey. He is a straight shooter and will be honest with the patients that have entrusted him with their health. As one of the team members in the Medically Managed Weight Loss Program, Charlie’s responsibility is to put the client on the right road to success. Selecting one of the three programs that will ultimately change the trajectory of his patients health for a lifetime.

Debi Johnson Zepick, Owner

Debi has spent her career in the medical field, as she specialized in building new companies and was responsible for the management and future success of the organizations. Her love for health and fitness coupled with her extensive medical background made this venture her ultimate passion.

Starting at a young age she was committed to fitness due to a very active family. This led to an education at Oral Roberts University where Mind Body and Soul were the core of their beliefs. It’s one of the only universities where PE is a requirement! It wasn’t easy to wake up at 5am and log those running miles to graduate, but it created a lifelong habit.

After raising (chasing) three overly active children plus competing in several Tough Mudders and having the Utah Ragnar under her belt, Debi was committed to train and ultimately compete in a marathon. On October 8th, 2016 she took 2nd in her age division, at the Brooklyn Half Marathon. This is one of her greatest accomplishments to-date, outside of getting to call her kids her best-friends (now that they are tax-paying citizens) as well as having the privilege of being married to the greatest man she knows. However, having the life altering experience of breeding and raising a litter of 15 Dobermans could top her list!

I HEART WEIGHTLOSS was created out of a desire for patients to lead a better life. In the summer of 2018 while meeting with a group of Cardiologists, weight management and the benefits of weight loss became the topic of discussion. The discussion led to more thoughts and ideas, all centered around incorporating a medical weight loss clinic in a cardiology practice. Since those conversations, I HEART WEIGHTLOSS became an exciting reality that truly is one of the first programs of its kind.

Debi is proud to bring this group of professionals together and have the program available in Wichita and several outreach clinics in Kansas. The ‘heart’ of developing a program like I HEART WEIGHTLOSS was the desire that EVERY patient would be able to achieve their personal summit and live the life they always dreamed that they would live.

Jen Fournier, RDN, LDN

Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach, Educator, Intuitive, Consultant, Life Long Learner

Jennifer’s personal journey with food began steeped in her French-Canadian meat and potatoes roots. Her Grandmother’s huge garden was a place of discovering tastes and textures. Fresh raw peas plucked from the vine will never taste that good again. She was witness to generations of women who cooked from scratch daily. After changing careers, she found herself in a new profession and in a new city with vegetarian colleagues all around. Thinking that eating vegetarian was a good idea, she tried it too. Experiencing too much change too fast, she recoiled back to her life-long eating patterns, deciding to be more kind to herself, and making incremental changes that could and have stuck. This was a valuable lesson that informs how she works with others.

Her first job as a Dietitian brought her to UMass Medical School in Worcester Massachusetts.

Since landing at UMass, she has:

  • Studied mindfulness thru the Center for Mindfulness (CFM)
  • Studied spiritual psychology rooted in psychosynthesis
  • Became a Journey Dance Teacher
  • Became a Certified Wellness Coach
  • Became a Certified Mindful Eating Facilitator

Jen was bit by the study of the brain a decade ago. Initially fascinated by processed food’s chemical impact upon reward centers in the brain, Jen then made her way to profound frustration over how refined foods are engineered to drive more eating, often resulting in chronic health conditions. With the burgeoning understanding about the plasticity of the brain, behavioral and positive psychology became her focus to aiding in rewiring the brain to new habits. After witnessing the success of this while apprenticing in the Mindful Eating group, she jumped into deeper integration of mindfulness into individual and group work.

Jen has also been an educator in Cardiac Rehab, where she lead hundreds of classes and cooking groups to recovering out-patients within all education and economic groups. Contracting with an insurance provider, she was part of a team who developed Heart Matters and Midlife health- an 8-week program integrating food, stress and exercise for disease prevention.

Recently, she has been invited to speak to medical professionals who work in primary care. Topics typically involve self-care and methods to teach patients on the same issues.

Relying on curiosity, she brings all of this together with her passion for life, food and people. She is an alchemist that entertains and brings out the best in that which she loves the most: fellow travelers on the road to health of mind and body.

I HEART WEIGHTLOSS is proud to have Jen on their medical professional team. As a participant in your weight loss journey with us, you will be able to meet this amazing woman! She will be leading many Webinars, and our plans include flying her back to Kansas to present a “Wellness Weekend Retreat”.