Welcome to I HEART WEIGHTLOSSDesigned with your heart in mind

I HEART WEIGHTLOSS is a cut above other medically monitored weight loss programs. We have researched and contracted with the best in the country to bring Kansas three different plans. One was designed and developed just for our clinic. This program also includes PRIVATELY LABELED supplements that were created to help you reach your goals. We are honored that Jennifer Fourneir, a Registered Dietitian from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, took a special interest in our desire to make a difference in the health of our clients. Jennifer has been at the forefront of mindful awareness eating and has seen literally hundreds of patients shed pounds through coaching and designing specialized dietary programs. We look forward to you meeting her through webinars and “weight loss retreats” in Wichita!

I HEART WEIGHTLOSSOur highly skilled medical team at I HEART WEIGHTLOSS is here to walk you through your options, whether they be prescription appetite suppressants, energy boosters or fat-melting injections, all are complemented by our unique meal plans. We will select the right plan for you and your health! It is not rocket-science how pounds have gradually crept on our waistlines, but there are some incredible scientific breakthroughs that can help you get the upper hand.